Thursday, April 16, 2015

Facing Mortality

I've never enjoyed spring. I have no idea if it is a sub conscience negative association or just the change in lifestyle but, whatever the reason, the seasonal shift tends to make me anxious. Somewhere around  May I return to my normal. This year is different. For the first time I'm finding myself loving everything about the season, even the change. Or maybe especially the change. I feel like for a long time there has been so much darkness. The grayness is not just outside my window. This week I have been facing the uncomfortable reality of human mortality. On the same day I'm rejoicing in the marriage of a friend on the west coast a friend on the opposite side of the country shared the news of his stage four cancer. Guys, that make you realize how fleeting time is. When you are so focused on making it through today it's hard to see the eternal perspective. Seeing trees, which only days ago were nothing but bare branches, come to life does something to the spirit. There is a sense of refreshment in stepping outside and feeling the sun warm your bare skin. Life is short. This present trial cannot last forever. What now seems all consuming looses significance when you consider our eternal destiny. Take heart. Feel the sun. And carry on. Another day awaits.

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