Sunday, May 10, 2015

What My Mother Taught Me

  If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right.

What good is a 'perfect' home...or any home at all...if you never share it with the world?

You can feel like hell but you don't have to look like hell.

In all areas of life poshness must reign supreme.

Life isn't about you.

People before all else.

Family before all people.

Always make things right.

Failure is giving anything less than your best.

There is no group of individuals I find more fascinating to observe and study than that unique race we know as mothers. No two are alike. Their personalities, appearances, backgrounds, upbringings, educations...they are all unique. Together these factors form their mothering philosophies which will determine who their children (and consequently, the next generation) will be. (No pressures, moms.)

Above are just a few of my mom's key phrases. I've heard these principles taught for as long as I can remember. And as I have, one by one, grasped the significance of each lesson I've! My mom knows a thing or two. When you are young you think your mom is...well, you mom. I'm finding the more I get to know my mother as a person and my friend...and truly understand her strengths, weaknesses and what makes her tick...the more I respect the incredible person she is. Mom is not perfect and she isn't the perfect mother. But she is the perfect mother for me. And I am so grateful God chose for us to walk through this life together.


  1. Your mom sounds like a very wise lady. This is lovely <3

  2. Your mom is so wonderful... I love her and I love you! My favorite is "you can feel like hell, but you don't have to look like hell." Love it!