Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Top Three | Summer Style Helps

I am not, nor will I ever be, a fashion blogger. Partially because I just don't have what it takes but mostly because fashion is not my main style priority. I'm concerned with looking neat and put together while staying comfortable and quite often that overlaps with the world of fashion. Elegance, Class and The Pursuit of Comfort. Pretty much sums up my style mantra.

Is there a greater challenge to staying stylish than the heat and humidity? I know it's late to be posting about summer but I've had this post on the back burner since May and here in Maryland we have another month of heat and humidity. So bear with me as I share my top three hot weather helpers.

AG Re: Coil
If you are a fellow curly head you know the love/hate relationship that is having curly hair. During the summer it's all hate. At just the slightest mention of humidity you can forget the curls...all you have is frizz. And heat=sweat=daily hair washing and we all know how much curls love that. (Read the sarcasm.) Thankfully we need not despair. There is Re: Coil by AG. I have used so many curl creams over the years and none have ever come close to this level of amazing. It keeps my curls light and lovely even in the heat. After showering I just scrunch a dollop in my hair, blow dry my bangs (if I'm not feeling too lazy) and I'm good to go. Five minutes to awesome. It doesn't get any better.

Linen Pants
I don't have good sundress or shorts legs and I don't like jeans in the summer. Linen pants have been a lifesaver. Yes, they are pretty much glorified yoga pants. But guys, they are so. comfortable. And with well selected shoes and accessories you can channel Palm Beach instead of pajama party. My very favorite pair are from Forever21 but, sadly, they are no longer available. Old Navy's linen pants are a close second. While not linen, they are loose and comfortable so I think these awesome Old Navy pineapple pants deserve a mention as well. Pair with a cami or two and cute sandals. Summer comfort perfection.

Powder Foundation
Powder foundation is awesome for touching up melting makeup and quickly covering blemishes when you don't feel like doing a complete makeup job. I went through several brands before finding one that doesn't irritate my acne. Physicians formula powder foundation has been wonderful and I love that it is SPF50.

and as a bonus...

Because I'm kinda obsessed about sunscreen (I blame the scary skin cancer posters in my dermatologist's office) I can't recommend enough Hawaiian Tropics sunscreen. It smells amazing. I mean how many sunscreens can you love for the smell? Plus it always leaves my skin feeling moisturized instead of greasy and heavy.

What are your summer style tricks?


  1. I love this! Linen pants are a lifesaver when you're tired of wearing the same shorts every day (and you only have one good sundress). I got mine from Old Navy as well - their prints are gorgeous!

    My summer essential #1 are large, dark sunglasses. You can get way with almost no sleep with a good pair of sunglasses, and that is definitely something worth investing in. (Plus, they just look so effortlessly chic...)

  2. You don't ever have to be something you're not. I like that you're not a fashion blogger, I get to know you as a person and realize that we have a lot of things in common! Do you girl :)