Tuesday, September 8, 2015

A Month of Running

When you read this I will be somewhere along 95 heading south for a really fantastic family vacation. Two weeks in Disney world and two weeks on the shore. Yes. Awesome. I can't wait to tell you all about it when I return in October and send you into photograph overload. But never fear! You will not be completely deprived of my presence...

A few weeks ago a dear friend and new runner emailed asking for running advice. If you know me and my running habits you may understand why I am the last person anyone should be asking for running advice. My farthest run ever was six miles. And I have no intention of ever running further. I run 3.5 miles, three times a week. I run somewhere between slow and slower. (10'40"  and 11'40") This is my third running season  (I usually chicken out over winter). And as a general rule I hate running. 

But! Having run three seasons and being part of a family of serious runners (they scare me!) I have picked up a few tips and tricks. And I am always more than happy to give advice, especially when it's about something I know nothing about. 

While away I will be training to get my 5k under 30 minutes for the 5k by Change Inc. on October 17th. So I have decided to name September the month of running. We will be touching on several running topics inspired by my friend's questions...how to build endurance, how to increase speed, the best running gear and some pitfalls to avoid. 

Let's dispense with all the disclaimers from the get go... 

I am not a personal trainer and have no professional experience or medical training. I am merely an amateur who puts one foot in front of the other and gets excited when it adds up to a significant distance I can call a run, sharing what works for me. Listen to my advice at your own risk. 

As always, I value your input! If you have any experience running you probably have more than I so please share your tips as I share mine and maybe we can learn together. What advise would you give a new runner?

Grab your running shoes and let's get going!

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  1. I am so ready for this. My longest run is 2 miles. At least I can't get any worse. ;)