Thursday, September 17, 2015

Preventing and Treating Shin Splints

Pain management...because THIS is how wild and crazy I am.
Shin splints...they are nasty and miserable. Thankfully, they are simple to avoid.

1. Always wear good shoes. Keep in mind, expensive doesn't always mean better! Do your research. And avoid shoes marketed as running shoes. Running shoes are meant to be super light for speed and disposable after only a few runs. They offer little to no support. Look instead for a trail shoe. My shoe of choice is anything from the Asics gel series (currently wearing Asics Gel Preleus). They are a little pricey but not ghastly so and a solid pair of running shoes will always cost less than orthopedic bills.

2. Replace your shoes every 200-300 miles. We put our running shoes through a lot and they wear out fast. The Nike+ running app has an option to track the mileages on your shoes which is so helpful.

3. Always s t r e t c h after a run. This is something I'm horrible at because I feel running is an intrusion into my day and I want to get it over with as quickly as possible. One day I was in a rush for an appointment, skipped stretching and paid the price with so much pain all day. That night I finally stretched and it was sweet relief.

Sometimes shin splints happen despite our best efforts. Yes, it hurts but you've gotta work through it. Don't stop running! Apply heat, take ibuprofen around the clock and s t r e t c h your shins like nobody's business.

How do you prevent and treat shin splints? Any shin splint stories you would like to share?

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  1. That is really good to know. I am not a big runner, but I started running on the treadmill last couple months. I thought maybe I should change my shoes, because I don't think it supports my back very well for the reasons you just mentioned lol. I have been meaning to check out running shoes, but was not really sure what I was looking for.