Saturday, September 5, 2015

What to Pack for Disney World

Walt Disney World: the happiest place on Earth. It's also my happy place. It has been three years since my last trip and I'm so exciting to be going again in just a few short days. But Disney is not for the faint and heart and to enjoy your time proper planning is absolutely vital. This will be my sixth trip to Disney World and I have learned a few tips and tricks in my Disney years, one being there are a few things you absolutely must bring to the parks. Nothing is more frustrating than hiking from your lodgings to the Disney parking lot, onto the tram/boat/monorails, into the park and then realizing you forgot an important piece of Disney survival equipment. Here are a few items I have found most helpful for park days (with the exception of the assumed, cell phone, etc.):

I've tried purses, totes, messenger bags... A backpack is the way to go. Way less cumbersome and way easier to manage. Just don't make the same unfortunate mistake as I and bring a large backpack. Not only will you end up packing too much, everyone in your group who doesn't want to carry their own bag will ask you to haul around their stuff which very quickly multiplies the weight of your bag. So go small. My mom gave me a Coach backpack almost identical to this one I will be using but I think something like this or this would work as well.

Foot care kit
It has been estimated that the average Disney guest walks roughly twelve miles a day. Even for those of us who exercise regularly, that's a lot of walking. One day in the World Showcase I made the mistake of wearing a new pair of shoes and after just one hour I had the worst blisters on my heels. No foot care kit in sight, I just dealt with it and still have the scars on my heels. Keep these items handy for happy feet: Gauze, betadine, Moleskin or Johnson & Johnson blister bandages, small scissors, sewing needle, extra socks and talcum powder.

Feminine supplies emergency kit
If you haven't picked up on my obsession with kits/pouches/anything organized and in it's will soon. Ladies, it always comes when least convenient. And smack in the middle of The Magic Kingdom is as about as inconvenient as it gets. My mom came up with this idea and it's one of her best yet. I keep a little zip lock bag with a change of panties, pads, tampons, baby wipes and ibuprofen and it has been a lifesaver. I like to keep various sizes of tampons and pads...even if I don't use them there's always a chance someone in my party (or the next stall) will need an assist. It will still suck to have your period in Disney World but it will help it suck a little (LITTLE) less. I like to assemble my own so it's completely customized but Pinch Provisions has a super cute mini emergency kit.

First aid kit
Disney has first aid supplies available pretty much everywhere but I like to keep a few band aids, ibuprofen, Excedrin, sudafed and benadryl in my bag just in case.

Food in Disney is ridiculously expensive. Bringing your own snacks is a convenient alternative to tasteless, overpriced food. Plus a granola bar can be very helpful for bribing young children to behave while waiting 70+ minutes for Peter Pan's Flight.

Powder foundation
Florida heat will melt even the best of us. A good powder foundation helps keep you feeling fresh and a little less...wilty. Physician's Formula has a nice powder that doesn't irritate my acne.

Water bottle
Gotta stay hydrated in the heat and bottled water in the parks is crazy. But! You can have your water bottled filled at pretty much any concession stand or counter service restaurant for no charge. Score! I use my Addison bottle by Contigo all day everyday. (The name makes it awesome, of course.)

Travel toothbrush
Seriously the best thing since sliced bread. (Although, sliced bread is enormously overrated.) Tooth brushing (teeth brushing? brushing teeth?) is a bit of an obsessions with me, I find few things as refreshing as a freshly brushed mouth. Travel toothbrushes are sold at pretty much any Target, Wal-Mart or CVS and are so nice for on-the-go.

Cool and comfortable clothing
Did I mention it's really, really, really hot in Florida? Go cool and comfortable. I will be wearing primarily leggings and long tops and, of course, my pineapple pants (they may not be the most figure flattering but they ace the cool and comfortable test).

Light sweater/jacket
So maybe it's an odd item to suggest after the many Florida heat complaints above but sometimes it does get chilly during late night shows and fireworks and in air conditioned theaters. My motto: better safe than sorry.

Comfortable shoes
Cannot emphasize enough the importance of comfortable shoes. Athletic shoes would be ideal but I just can't bring myself to wear sneakers when not exercising. Toms are a wonderful alternative. It's almost like being barefoot they are so comfortable but still cute and fashionable. And Toms One for One pledge is the best.

And there you have it! What would you pack for a day in Disney or any amusement park?


  1. I haven't been to Disney in years!!!

    I want to go back sooo bad! Coming from a big family view what do y'all do for lodging?

    Do you just rent two hotel rooms or do a condo?

    I've been looking at going back to Didney but read that if you have a large group they suggest staying out of the you agree?

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