Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Gift Wrap Inspiration

I know I have been conspicuously absent around here. Apologies all around! There is so much I would love to share about the holiday season and especially how my family does the holidays because it's pretty unique and special. But I always find that during the holidays I'm too busy actually taking part in the festivities to write about it. :)

Obviously, there is SO much more to the season than shopping, planning, buying and wrapping presents. But I really do enjoy giving to friends and family and thinking up gifts that will make them feel special and loved. It doesn't matter how amazing the present is, thoughtful gift wrap makes it *that* much more special.

It's always so fun to observe the presents under my family's Christmas tree. Everyone has such unique style in their wrapping, from my father who considers high-quality wrapping a plastic Target bag instead of a plastic Wal-Mart bag to Carmella (4) who thinks the more pink, glitter and bows the better to Nathaniel (13) who is obsessive about the corners on his packages to Ellie (8) who demands on no more than three pieces of tape per package.

Sharing some of my gift wrap inspiration in case you, like me, are a last minute wrapper:
And a sample of the final product:
Find more wrapping and Christmas inspiration on my Pinterest board, Most Wonderful Time of the Year. I would love to hear what inspires your Christmas wrapping...comment below and let me know!

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  1. These are beautiful! Every year I look forward to Christmas gift wrapping, but every year I end up going for cheeky wrapping paper. Simple and easy. Maybe next year I'll be a little fancier.

    Merry Xmas!

    Roxi -