Friday, July 29, 2016

Shout it out loud

Two weeks in a row, at two concerts Addison has been reprimanded for his presence.

"You know he has to stop the noise when the music starts?"

"He is ruining this tribute."

"I'm not talking about his ability..."

"He is distracting."
"He is a disturbance." 

The words. The hate. The ignorance. The lack of understanding and acceptance.

Stomach clenching, heart racing, hands shaking. A physical body protesting, wanting to shout...

"For thousands of years you've had your way! The inconvenient people...the people you don't want to deal with or attempt to understand...they have been kept out of sight, out of mind. But those days are over. This is our era. We are trying to take the shitty world you have given us and transform it into a place of tolerance and inclusion. Your time is over."

But deep inside a troubled heart...something A flicker of remembrance,

When Jesus saw the multitude he was full of compassion.

Bleeding and aching by their hands..."Father forgive them." 

Having known such love, we cannot understand the soul deprived it's knowledge. Having never known the hate, we cannot understand the roots, sinking in and perverting down to the very organic makeup of who we are.

The spirit revolts against a person who would deprive a child...

...a child who has lost hours, days and weeks of typical play and discovery to therapy and medical appointments

...a child with emotions of a three year old who cannot fully express himself through speech

...a child with the desires of a toddler who lacks the physical ability to walk, run and jump with his peers

...a child with the needs of a typically developing child who must devote countless hours and energy he does not possess to nourish his body

Who would attempt to remove the music that has become the constant joy and comfort in this life? Passion demands the punishment of such a person.

But when we know the heart of Jesus, anger transforms into tears. When we ponder...

...the eyes that cannot see past a facial structure

...the soul that has not felt the thrill of delight at the sound of a child expressing pleasure in music

...the mind that does not know the eternal value of a human being

...the spirit that has been disabled from embracing the beautiful pattern of every individual

I will never condone their behavior. And if met that person again? I'm not guaranteeing I wouldn't tell them exactly where they can put their concert etiquette rule book.

But beneath it all...I feel sorry for those blinded eyes.

I wish instead they would have come to know Addison.

I wish they would have felt the same pride we felt in his ability to express his feelings.

I wish they would have been honored by their legacy, music appreciation being fostered in a young mind.

And, Addison? Never let anyone quiet your voice.

Those feelings? Keep talking about them, my man. When you feel the joy, shout it out loud.

Some day you will blow us all away. Keep shining bright.

Your joy will change the world.


  1. Yet again, you eloquently state feelings. What a beautiful comparison. Passion and compassion must work together to follow the walk of Christ.
    Thank you, Nana for sharing this event as no one else could.

  2. Nana this is absolutely beautiful. I agree with KK - the comparison to Christ is spot on. Once again, Addison's presence in my life has taught me another lesson! Love you!

  3. Awhh, this is so sweet, and I'm sorry people have been like this. Your brother looks like a lovely person. And I'm inspired by your strength in overcoming this. <3

    // katie grace
    a writer's faith

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