Friday, November 18, 2016

Five on Friday

+Last week we had a major flood in the (finished) basement. This is the third (or fourth?) since we finished the space so cue pulling up flooring and laying tile. Laying (Lying? Laying.) tile is actually kind of fun, howbeit torture on the back and knees. (My hat tip to tile craftsmen everywhere.) Also damaged was the vintage buffet we use when entertaining. Eventually there will be a custom built piece to replace it but we need something through the holidays. Somehow I ended up volunteering to restore it so that has been my project this week. With finals due my days have pretty much been sand, stain, study...repeat times infinity. Will be sharing pictures of the finished product shortly!

+Did you know it is possible to finish a tube of lip gloss? It took three years (yikes!) but I did it! Ha! Now I am on the look out for a good replacement. Recommendations? As an Italian passionate about my food I hate how lip gloss doesn't last past one bite. Trying this one from Maybeline in everlasting wine because of the long lasting claim. We shall see!

+I have been on a serious John Grisham kick recently. Just finished reading A Time to Kill and, have to say, I was disappointed. Pros: the autobiographical main character and interesting insight into racial tension in the south. Cons: Too graphic first chapter and dragging story....I kept expecting some great plot twist that never came. Overall you can definitely tell it was his first novel. I would not recommend reading this as your first Grisham but if you have read any of his other novels it is an interesting example of how he has developed as a writer.

+Just listened to an amazing TED talk by deaf percussionist Evelyn Glennie. It definitely gave me some points to think about as a musician but what really spoke to me was how her story changed the acceptance of students with disabilities into musical institutions in the UK. Addison has such a passion for music I would love to see him pursue someday but I do wonder about finding a teacher willing to meet his needs. This gives me hope!

+Today my very favorite radio station begins 24/7 Christmas music! With the music and Starbucks Christmas cups (can we all agree this years cups are the best?) I am so ready. Too early? Maybe earlier than I would prefer but after this crazy year...who doesn't need some Christmas?

Happy Friday!

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