Monday, November 7, 2016

So that happened...

 Annnnd just like that ten years of planning became reality.

My family has loved our sweet little house for fourteen years. Okay, so maybe we didn't exactly love it at first. There were tears shed (not the happy kind) when we moved in. It was a sad, far from attractive 1970's ranch with smoke filled wallpaper and kitchen flooring from hell. But fourteen years of love and hard work has made our home.

Guests always say they love how cozy our house feels. This could just be their way of politely commenting on the size of our house...because it is that small and being filled with eleven people and all their baggage does not help. We choose to take this as a compliment. Have you been in those houses so perfect you don't want to breathe for fear of breaking something? That is not our house. My parents have done an amazing job of remodeling and updating while keeping everything 110% livable and kid friendly. It is an awesome place which always makes me happy to come home.

After so many prayers and more than a few tears (this time more happy and scared than sad) the time arrived for the little house to grow! The day the upstairs walls were on it seriously looked like a house on steroids. Pretty sure in our hearts we were all apologizing to the cute little house for adding this horrible growth!

But every day as the gables, shingles and porch have been added it has taken on it's own identity. The little house is still there...just new and improved.

A home is more of a house and a family is more than a home. But there is something to be said for the memories we have made in these four wall. A relationship develops with the physical framework which contains so much family life. It is a beautiful feeling. No matter what life may throw your way there is a sense of stability in having a place to call home and always knowing, come Thanksgiving day, there will be a turkey on Mom's table in the cozy not-so-little house.


  1. What an exciting new leap for you guys! Can't wait to see some behind the scenes photos (house repair projects have to be my favorite posts on yours and your mom's blogs over the years.) I might be a little sad I never got to experience the "cosy" Wachter home in person...but I'm pretty sure it's impossible the expanded version won't be just as cosy - just a bit more spacious. ;)


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