Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Thanksgiving Table Design Inspiration

(Thank you to Carmel for reminding me to post my Thanksgiving table inspiration! You guys, this easing back into blogging is an adjustment.) 

My mom taught me the importance of the dining room table. Her table is twenty-one feet long, four feet wide and seats twenty. She saved for years to have this table custom built. The carpenter tried to talk her into building benches instead of chairs but she insisted on the chairs, despite the cost. Long after dinner talks around the table are such a huge part of our family structure and benches do not encourage sitting and relaxing like a well built chair. 

Setting a table, and particularly a holiday table, is just as much a part of the meal as the food on the plates. Thanksgiving is a big deal in my family. The guests include all immediate family, almost no extended family and about twenty of our closest friends, most from a variety of countries around the world. We plan months in advance, cook for days and consider it one of the very best days of the year.

Typically I have the task of setting the table. (SO much wiser than asking me to bake something!) There are a few guidelines I try to follow as far as spacing and design but generally the goal is to keep it fancy but not fussy and 110% festive. This year is particularly exciting because for the first time the table will be expanded to its full length, thanks to the house project. Twenty-one feet of centerpiece...bring it on!

Sharing a few of my inspiration for this year’s table....
The linens will be the same we use every year...white cloth, brown and gold accent layer, and the cloth my mom brought home from Italy...because tradition, you know? White napkins because there are enough for the crowd. Burlap runners because I love them.

I will probably be spray painting a truckload of fruit the day before...I would prefer to have them finished sooner but I am a little nervous about how long they will last. I’m totally digging this rose gold spray paint so that will be happening. The wooden chargers are from a tree cut down back in spring. For the feathers I am using a variety of (faux) pheasant and guinea fowl...because hello, feather awesomeness.

Photos of the final result to follow in the Thanksgiving recap post… I would love to hear what’s inspiring your holiday decorating!



  1. Ahh yes I was waiting for this! That rose gold spray paint looks amazing...might need to pick up some myself! And you've just reminded me that spray painting pumpkins is still on my to-do list...better get on that!

    I can't wait to see the finished look. :)

  2. In general, the colors are the natural fall foliage colors of oranges, browns, yellows, and black. You can have decorations for the table, the walls of your house, the doors of your house, the windows of your house, or a centerpiece for the dining table during the Thanksgiving meal.

  3. For a friend you can get a gift basket with goodies like pumpkin-flavored iced cookies, leaf-shaped milk chocolates wrapped in Autumn-colored foil, mini tea cakes and brownie bars.

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