Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Election of 2016

"The people are asking to hear my voice, 
But the country is facing a difficult choice
And you were to ask me who I’d promote… Jefferson has my vote
I have never agreed with Jefferson once… We have fought on like 75 different fronts
But when all said and all is done… Jefferson has beliefs; Burr has none"

(Please indulge my Hamilton moment. It’s just that the election of 2016 is so like the election of 1800 I think the song should be renamed. On the off chance there is anyone who does not have this show memorized, you can listen here.)

This was my first presidential election. Four years ago I was anticipating election day. After what has to be the longest campaign season in the history of the free world I am just so happy to be done with the whole ordeal. Voting was anticlimactic, at best. I am sad that of all the amazing people in our country we were presented with two (in my humble opinion) equally poor choices. Who I voted for isn't important (hint: didn't win).

Don’t get me wrong. I understand voting is a privilege not everyone has and I am grateful to live in a country where the people chose their leaders and everyone is entitled to a vote. It is politics in general I have an issue with. Or maybe not politics so much as what politics does to otherwise decent, socially acceptable human beings. Politics fuels emotional fires fed by hatred, fear and anger. The theme of this election has been division...he said...she said...he did...she did…my candidate...your ideals...your ideals.  The divided house doesn’t stand any better than it did at Gettysburg.

Somewhere along the line we inflated the importance of politics. Is it important? Sort of. And I am all about fulfilling my responsibility as a citizen by taking an active interest and participating in the process of selecting our representatives. But let’s be real, you guys. Politics is such a small speck on the vast canvas of human existence. We have given politics too much power when we allow it to divide.

There is a higher calling.

There are hearts to be healed. There are broken spirits to be encouraged. There are young lives in which to invest. And when you fulfill these callings, you have exercised a power greater than any president will ever possess.

I am sad and concerned about the hatred the president elect has in the past expressed, specifically regarding minority groups, and a part of me wants to fear for the future. But you know what? Our country is more than one person. We need change but the change will not come from an elected officials. Real, powerful change comes from within. When we love our neighbors, when we go the extra mile, when we pass on our values to our short, when we are representatives of Jesus' love here on earth...we shape the future.

I am far from hailing the chief but I believe in the system and respecting the office. I believe in the passion of my fellow millennials for positive change. I believe in the American experiment and the American people. I believe left and right ideals working together form a centered, healthy, balanced society. And I believe hope is found not in a election...a candidate...I believe hope is found in Jesus Christ. Friends, let's not loose allow our focus to be distracted from those eternal investments capable or reaping compounded gains.

AND NOW... on to more important matters: I'm looking at you, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Peace on earth, good will to all men. YES, PLEASE and thank you, sweet Jesus.


  1. Amen and amen.

    Also, thanks for acknowledging the major applicability of Hamilton. No wonder it's been such a big hit - you can apply a pithy Hamilton quote to almost any situation.

    1. Yes! Absolutely! A Hamilton quote is always an appropriate response. :) Also, I feel Hamilton is such a relatable figure for young, scrappy and hungry millennials trying to turn the world upside down.