Friday, December 2, 2016


photo from 11/23/16
These four walls have got a story to tell // The door is off the hinges, there's no wish in the well // Outside the sky is coal black, the streets are on fire // The picture windows cracked and there's no where to run // I know, I know // This house is not for sale 

Drove a spike into the ground and I staked my claim //Standing on the dirt where they'll dig my grave
Now what built these walls is in my veins // No time for looking back, the wolf is at the door // This heart, this soul //This house is not for sale

This house was built on trust // That's what it is and always was // No wrecking ball could knock it down // This house was built on higher ground

I set each stone and I hammered each nail // This house is not for sale // Where memories live and the dream don't fail // This house is not for sale // Coming home I'm coming home

Just a quick house update...we now have siding and (some) shutters! Doesn't it look amazing?? I've taken to randomly walking outside to look at it. So much work still to go (I've pretty much dabbled in every trade by this point #girlpower) but it is so exciting to see it taking on the feel of our home.

By the way, thoughts on Bon Jovi's new album? This song was released just about the time construction began. The first time we heard it on the radio we claimed it as our theme song for this project. (Divine timing, no?) It fits our house and family so perfectly. Love, love, love. The rest of the album is fabulous as well, totally true to Bon Jovi's style.

Happy Friday!

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